Precise Crop Nutrition

"Providing independent precision farming and general fertiliser advice"


Precise N-Maps

The complete nitrogen management service using satellite imagery to provide accurate nitrogen treatment plans and mapping ...(more)

N-Min® and N-Calc

N-Min is a unique soil analysis service from CF Fertilisers UK Ltd which measures how much nitrogen a crop will get from the soil ...(more)

NVZ Compliance Advice

The EU Nitrates Directive designates areas where nitrate pollution is a a problem, known as Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs), and sets rules ...(more)

Soil zoning

Using information based on the farmer’s own knowledge and/or soil texture maps based on satellite imagery or electrical conductivity scanning ...(more)

RB209 Fertiliser Manual

Full recommendations provided for all crops based on the DEFRA fertiliser handbook.This is an essential source ...(more)


EnCompass is a crop nutrition software program also from CF that provides all the information needed for accurate crop ...(more)

Sourcing of fertiliser products

Advice and guidance on the most suitable and cost-effective products to be used in a given farming situation ...(more)

Analytical Services

Full range of soil,plant tissue,and organic manure analyisis for major and trace elements using quality laboratories ...(more)

Precise P,K,Mg,lime maps

Field Mapping and precision grid sampling of soils with analysis for P,K,Mg and Lime carried out at quality laboratories ...(more)

Isaria® Crop Sensor

Developed by the Fritzmeier Group in Germany,this crop sensor tool is being evaluated across the UK ,on wheat,barley,and oilseed rape crops. ...(more)