Precise Crop Nutrition

"Providing independent precision farming and general fertiliser advice"

About Us

In today’s climate of volatile market prices,environmental restrictions and pressure on farm incomes generally,it is vital that fertiliser,as one of the key farming inputs,is managed as precisely and efficiently as possible.Precise Crop Nutrition is at the forefront of using the latest precision farming technology to ensure this is achieved and our clients enjoy the benefits of independent advice to enable them to increase yields, save money and maximize profitability as well as taking care of the environment.

Robin Thompson: a long career in the fertiliser industry,latterly with Kemira GrowHow.Roles included R&D,marketing,and technical advice.Involved with developing and introducing LORIS precision farming software.Acts as chairman for BASIS in their examinations for FACTS (Fertiliser Advice and Certification Scheme) and the Soil and Water Management Certificate.

Dr Pooley has a degree in agricultural and environmental science, and has over thirty years experience working in both the environmental and agriculture sectors. Dr Pooley has specialised in the application of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has managed image acquisition and processing for Precise Crop Nutrition and before that SkyFarm Ltd from which the current service developed.

Customer Testimonials

“....When I first used the N-Map service I was amazed how much the spreader changed the application rate as I drove across the field. But the results proved it was right. The yields have never been so good and the crops are more even. I’ve not had any lodging either. I am convinced it is the way to go”