Precise Crop Nutrition

"Providing independent precision farming and general fertiliser advice"

Welcome to the online home of Precise Crop Nutrition Ltd. We hope you will find the information about our range of services interesting and helpful. For more details about any of the services on offer,please do not hesitate to contact us


  • Precise N-Maps

    The complete nitrogen management service using satellite imagery to provide accurate nitrogen treatment plans and mapping ...(more)

  • SMNplus

    SMNplus is a unique soil analysis service from Hillcourt Farm Research.This test provides information ...(more)

  • NVZ Compliance Advice

    The EU Nitrates Directive designates areas where nitrate pollution is a a problem, known as Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs), and sets rules ...(more)

  • Soil zoning

    Using information based on the farmer’s own knowledge and/or soil texture maps based on satellite imagery or electrical conductivity scanning ...(more)

  • Precise P,K,Mg,lime maps

    Field Mapping and precision grid sampling of soils with analysis for P,K,Mg and Lime carried out at quality laboratories ...(more)

  • NavigatePro

    NavigatePro is a simple, but comprehensive, nutrient planning tool for advisers and agronomists. This exciting new ...(more)

  • Sourcing of fertiliser products

    Advice and guidance on the most suitable and cost-effective products to be used in a given farming situation ...(more)

  • Analytical Services

    Full range of soil,plant tissue,and organic manure analyisis for major and trace elements using quality laboratories ...(more)


Precise Crop Nutrition

Precise Crop Nutrition Limited was formed in 2006 to provide independent precision farming and general fertiliser advice.The company utilises the expertise of very experienced professionals in the fields of fertiliser management and the use of imagery in agriculture.


Online Data Retrieval

We are now offering all of our customers the option to download their processed data from our new customer portal.